Welcome! I am a missions/humanitarian project developer. I design, set up, assist and implement various humanitarian and missional projects in a variety of places...countries in which I speak the language (Portuguese, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole).

Here you will learn of the work being done and the partnertships being formed to accomplish amazing and life changing programs!

This mission is for life...for lives to be changed, transformed and fulfilled through Christ.

Latest Blog Article

  • Cuba: An Experience of Art and Culture

    Cuban Artists I recently visited Cuba.  Over the past year this place has been extremely popular, most likely since President Obama’s visit.  I have always...

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  • Haiti Initiative

    Take the Initiative today! I have been going on a lot lately about this on social media and talking with everyone I meet.  In this...

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  • An Art Attack in Haiti

    Haiti Gets an Art Attack   Haiti Initiative 2016 happened in November.  As I embarked on this journey to Haiti all that went through my...

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