(c) 2015 Randall and Paula York, SnapFlash Photography
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Amazon Wells

(c) 2015 Randall and Paula York, SnapFlash Photography

Clean Water for Satere Indigineous Communities

Amazon well drilling project is in the indigenous region seated in the very heart of the Amazon Jungle called Maués in the state of Amazonas.  I partner with IAM Brazil ministries who leads the work being done there.  The IAM missionary team, comprised of mostly Brazilians, live in Maués and travel up and down the Amazon river to the various Sateré indigenous communities.  Wells are drilled by their expert team to provide clean drinking water and Christ is preached and expressed to the people in that region.
I am glad to have connected with them and to be part of their mission when possible.  With your help, I can continue to provide assistance to the IAM team in the Amazon.  While on the ground I help with translation for American and Brazilian team members (I am a native Portuguese and English speaker) as well as the heavy duty work required to install a deep well.  For more info about IAM click here.
Total cost of this trip is $2500.  This covers the following expenses:
  1. airfare
  2. public boat fare
  3. mission boat expenses (petrol, maintenance)
  4. support for missionaries
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