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Haiti Initiative

Haiti Initiative is a personal development project to assist an orphanage in the Croix des Bouquets area just outside of Port au Prince.  The main objective is to have ongoing, regular  activities to improve the children's mental, emotional, spiritual and educational well being in order for them to thrive.  This includes training for the caretakers as well to provide the necessary attention the children need.


  1. Provide ongoing weekly activities for the children

  2. Assist in enrolling the children in school

  3. Provide new mattresses for the beds

  4. Leadership training and mentoring for those in charge of caring for the children

  5. Supply food


It was in October of 2012 that I first visited this orphanage. At the time I was leading a small medical team and a missionary friend of mine told me about these kids.  They are located in a more remote area away from the capital, a region called Croix des Bouquets. During this first visit the medic noticed that many of the kids had ear infections or blockage due to past infections.  Aside from being malnourished they were getting sick from their well water. We were able to relieve the infections and clean out a few ears.  One child perked up because he could actually hear more clearly.  A year later I took a picture of him dancing to the music by the other kids.  As for the well water, we found out they were putting too much chlorine.

During each visit I  go to the local market or depot and purchase a months supply of food. It costs approximately $200 to buy three big bags of rice, boxes of spaghetti, a few gallons of oil, beans, cornmeal and a few extras.

This is a small orphanage, 34 children in all, the oldest is about 17 years old.

If this is a project that you would like to become involved in, please send me a message. If you would like to contribute to the Croix des Bouquets orphanage my support page will direct you.

Prayer Needs

  1. Health and protection of these children
  2. Wisdom and guidance for Pr. Auguste and his wife the caregivers.
  3. More opportunities for me to touch the lives of these kids.
  4. Wisdom for me as I navigate through this project.
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