I have been going to Haiti since 2011.   My first trip there sparked a rediscovery of my gift of languages.  I had studied French in high school and that enabled me to learn Creole and make deeper connections with the Haitian people. 

In the beginning I was leading short term teams for the Pacific Coast and Valleys District of the Foursquare denomination, as well as my local church.  During these missions trips I was able to network really well and partner with other missionaries from the US and Brazil and local pastors. 

The work I do is a result of the partnerships and friendships I've been so blessed to have over these years.


I was raised in Brazil.  It is the place and culture I identify most strongly with, especially the Northeastern region of Brazil.   God led me to reconnect with a good friend of mine from college and he invited me to go to the Amazon with his group to drill wells for the indigenous Satere people.  I couldn't pass up this opportunity, also I was able to raise the money in record time! 

My wish is to continue supporting the work of IAM Brazil in Amazonas.  I explain in greater detail here.

West Africa

I was invited to go to West Africa back in 2013.  The group was to attend a regional conference in Guinea Bissau and assist in some leadership training in Gambia.  This was an interesting trip.  As mentioned in my bio, the NE region of Brazil where I grew up is the African capital of South America.  Much of the food in Bissau was very familiar to me and they speak Portuguese (and a creole Portuguese as well).  I was able to connect with local pastors, the president of Foursquare Bissau and a Brazilian missionary family.

In Gambia, my experience was somewhat different.  I spent time getting to know the Foursquare missionaries there.  I established a good rapport with the local people and gained a lot of credibility with them.  Naturally, I took advantage of that and visited part of Banjul and learned more  about the friendly people and their culture.

There is great potential for future projects.  I was asked to return to conduct a music seminar in Bissau.  Please pray with me that, should it be God's will, I may have the opportunity to return and partner with these leaders.  This would provide opportunities for volunteers from the US to minister with our brothers and sisters in West Africa.