"Bryan is moved by the suffering and sorrows of others.  He is moved by the horror of people never hearing the gospel.  I say 'moved' because Bryan has always been willing to roll up his sleeves and do what he can to supply the needs of others." - El Clark, attorney and pastor

"Bryan attains a true heart of a servant.  The call of missions upon his life is tangible through his leadership, lifestyle, relationships and love for Jesus.  This is evident through his passionate desire to see humanity saved by discipling, mentoring and equipping the next generation.  I learned this when I went to Kenya for two months.  Bryan, my missions director/mentor, saw my heart and love for a country that he naturally encouraged me to use my gifts to my fullest potential. With Bryan's guidance,  due to his experience in missions, my two months were spent spreading God's Love in boarding schools, medical clinics and orphanages.  His family opened their home to missions minded young adults and genuinely empowered, educated and challenged us to articulate creative thoughts and ideas on how to reach a culture and people group in different countries.  Bryan is a unique, talented, inspiring individual who is on a mission to change lives forever!"  - Melissa Nunez


" I've known Bryan for several years. He continues to impress me with his integrity, love for missions (especially MK's), his brilliant strategic thoughts on how to reach those who are in need physically and spiritually, and his kindness towards all he encounters.  I am proud of him, his family and the example he is to those who know him."  - Jackie Fernandez, Executive Assistant, Foursquare Missions International

 " I've known Bryan a long time. In fact he was my best man in my wedding over 20 years ago now. Even then I knew there was something special about him. The way I see it, Bryan has a gift. His gift is in how he relates to people. How he almost 'morphs' to relate and understand others. Especially with those in other cultural circles. I mean, the guy just has that "It factor"..you know? He's been a blessing to many over the years with his self sacrifice and I'm proud to call him my friend and my brother."  - Paul Cruz, Entrepreneur