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The MK Chronicles

The MK Chronicles - Friends in Your "Home" Country


The picture may suggest I had no American friends, or that MK's don't become friends with Americans.  That really isn't the point of the graphic.  If you're an MK or TCK you'll get it.  The real meaning behind this is/was easier to befriend the foreign outsiders rather than the nationals (Americans in this case).

I did have a few American friends, but there were times in high school where my friends changed with the leaving and arrival of new exchange students.  It is a strange thing when you feel more like a foreign student than a "regular" one.  You look like a regular student but act like a foreign one.  I'm sure I confused a few people, but none were more confused about me than I was in American high school.  That is when I became aware of the Dilemmas of the TCK .

Do you as a TCK relate to this?  I'd love to hear your experience in America with friends!!


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